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Who Are We?

We're a small team who want to bring
security to the nice, but sometimes unsafe,
whole wide world of the internet!
We built this site using our skills and knowledge
in the phones business, as some of us have been
working in the industry for a while now.
We hope you enjoy our baby as much as we do!

The Reverse Lookup Skyfall team

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Our Values


We believe in free information, and in giving back. The web has given us so much free stuff (wikipedia, github...) that we want to give something for free too.


We have info on millions of records. We don't let that slow us down. Our servers will deliver you the info superfast.


We care about your privacy. In fact we're perfectly compliant with brand-new California Security law, CCPA. Go check out our legal pages!

Some Comments

Thought it was a fraud because the sound was grizzling so much, but after a second call realised it's not a scam just a phone operator.
03 Jul 2019
Odd robotic voice
23 Jul 2019
Thats my friend number don't try and tell its some scammy fraud.
21 Jan 2020
Straight to voice mail they got, and didn't leave a message.
29 Jan 2020